Yigal Landau

Yigal Landau

יום חמישי, 23 ביוני 2016

Yigal Landau in a column in Calcalist: “How did the gas pipeline become a political weapon?”

Yigal Landau was interviewed for an article published by Calcalist and explained that phrases like “the gas robbery” do not do justice to the citizens of Israel. The gas industry has been booming for over 3 years but after quite a few committees, industry has again ground to a halt, when at the end of 2014, the Antitrust Commissioner withdrew from the agreement signed with the gas companies.

 read the full article: Yigal Landau

Yigal Landau is the Managing Director of Hiram Landau Ltd., CEO and Member of the Board of Ratio Oil Exploration Ltd., and a board member of the Union Bank of Israel Ltd.

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